Disaster Preparedness Drill Commemorating the 2004 Tsunami

A Disaster Preparedness Drill by ARCSN and the Radio Society of Sri Lanka (RSSL) was held on 26/12/2023, commemorating the tragic Tsunami of 2004.

The program commenced with a moment of silence in remembrance of those who lost their lives in the 2004 Tsunami.

Setting up a rapid command center at the QTH of 4S7JL and deploying mobile teams to establish communication points on VHF and HF showcased the effectiveness of Ham Radio during potential disasters.

Participants also gained hands-on experience in raising a mobile telescopic mast and initiating communications with the base station, adding a valuable practical element to the drill.

The coordinated efforts of 4S7VK4S7HP, and 4S7WW in managing the control center communications and formulating mock disaster scenarios demonstrated the expertise and commitment of the participants. Special acknowledgment goes to 4S7AB for serving as a relay between HF and VHF.

We extend our appreciation to 4S6TMP, the President of the RSSL, for establishing a mobile station at Kurunagala, highlighting the collaborative nature of the event.

ARCSN expresses gratitude to all participants, including both ARCSN and RSSL members, along with new members and non-members who contributed to the drill’s success. The enthusiasm and support from the amateur radio community in Sri Lanka is truly commendable.

Aligned with the goals of the Amateur Radio Civil Services Network and with the support of the Radio Society of Sri Lanka, it is hoped that future drills will continue to enhance disaster preparedness and strengthen the capabilities of amateur radio enthusiasts.

Comments and suggestions are welcomed, as they play a crucial role in improving future drills and ensuring the ongoing relevance and effectiveness of these events.