Frequency Plan for Emergency Communications


Enhancing Disaster Preparedness: ARCSN and RSSL’s Amateur Radio Initiative

Following recent flooding in Ratnapura, the Amateur Radio Civil Services Network (ARCSN) and the Radio Society of Sri Lanka (RSSL) have partnered to enhance disaster preparedness. Our collaboration focuses on establishing a strategic plan, including designated emergency frequencies essential as backup when mainstream communication systems fail.

This initiative underscores the critical role of amateur radio in disaster response and highlights ARCSN’s commitment to improving emergency communication using amateur radio. Importantly, it emphasizes the community service aspect of the hobby, showcasing how amateur radio operators contribute to resilience and coordination during crises.

Stay updated on our progress as we continue to strengthen our emergency communication capabilities. For more information and to get involved, visit ARCSN and RSSL’s websites.

This document is printable. Please feel free to print it and keep it handy for quick reference.