Amateur Radio Civil Services Network

In March, the ARCSN inaugurated the Gammaduwa Repeater Site, marking a significant milestone in bolstering our communication infrastructure. Nestled in a location not easily accessible, this site serves as a vital link connecting the central province, extending northward and providing excellent access to both the East and West coasts of the island, as can be seen in the attached coverage map.

Operating on a frequency of 145.150 MHz with a +600 shift, the Gammaduwa Repeater Site is presently undergoing testing, exhibiting satisfactory performance. However, the team has already identified areas for enhancement, promising further improvements in the coming months.

With plans to observe and implement changes upon the return to the site, alongside the importation of additional equipment, the site’s capabilities are poised to evolve. The overarching objective remains clear: to establish seamless linked connectivity between the Gammaduwa and Padukka sites, thereby expanding the overall coverage footprint.

Notably, the ARCSN, in collaboration with its parent body RSSL, envisages the ability to link their repeaters during emergencies, both real and simulated. In doing so, we seek to reduce the impact of disasters by enabling the exchange of crucial information and coordinating rescue efforts where Amateur Radio serves as an effective backup, as proven in the past. This exemplifies ARCSN’s commitment to social responsibility and community welfare through the effective utilization of the Amateur Radio service.